Dévoilement  — Quelques photographes internationaux (en)

Dévoilement  — Quelques photographes internationaux (en)

The winner of numerous awards, including the World Press Photo in 2005 and 2010, Michael Wolf, a German native residing in Hong-Kong, is exhibiting photos from his Tokyo Compression project in Marsoui, portraits of people pressed against Tokyo subway windows.

In the same municipality, Evgenia Arbugaeva, from Russia, presents the project Tiksi, which was carried out in her home town, a former Soviet military base, now abandoned. Her images speak of memory, of transformation, of exile…

Armando Ribeiro, from the U.K., explores concepts in his work relative to the evolution of the landscape, the global environment and the human condition. He will be exhibiting his Depressive Landscapes in New Richmond.
The American Suzanne Opton, meanwhile, is presenting Soldier and Soldier+Citizen in Maria, projects undertaken with young men and women in uniform who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. Opton photographed their heads, placed on a horizontal surface. The effect is striking.

For details on all guest photographers: photogaspesie.ca/en/photographes.

Photo : Michael Wolf