In residence in the Gaspé

Patrick Dionne and Miki Gingras (Montreal, Québec)

The two artists will set up their studio at festive and other events and places where citizens gather in Carleton-sur-Mer from October 1 to 17, 2015, in a creation residency that solicits the participation of the community. Drawing their inspiration from the pictures they take, they will create a photographic mural representing life, the citizens and the history there that will be unveiled during the festivities for the 250th anniversary of the town, in 2017.

Benoit Aquin (Montreal, Québec)

During his artist residency in the Gaspé in the summer of 2015, Benoit Aquin will complete his project “Québec’s agriculture, an anticipation photo novel,” based on the experience and testimonials of farmers in the region. The pictures resulting from the residency will be added to his exhibit, presented in Bonaventure.

Guillaume D. Cyr (Québec City, Québec)

Guillaume D. Cyr will do a creation residency focusing on the former employees of Smurfit-Stone in New Richmond (his home town), an important packaging company that ceased its operations exactly ten years ago. The results of his project will be presented in 2016 at the 7th edition of Rencontres.

Caroline Hayeur (Montreal, Québec)

At her artist residency in the Gaspé in June 2015, Caroline Hayeur will be doing a new version of ADOLAND in the form of a special project with the teenage community of the Gaspé. Calls for participants will go out to youth centers, cultural centers and student networks so that the artist can get to meet young people, listen to what they have to say, and photograph them. Those adolescents will enrich her series and its exhibition, presented in 2015 at Rencontres.

Michael Flomen (Montreal, Québec)

The artist will do a creation residency in August 2015 in the Gaspé territory. The results of his project will be exhibited in 2016 at the 7th edition of Rencontres.