Dévoilement — Collaborations Québec-France (en)

Dévoilement — Collaborations Québec-France (en)

Its interest in offering new creation and dissemination platforms for artists has led Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie to partner with Promenades photographiques de Vendôme, in France ::

In the context of that collaboration, Tendance Floue (a French collective) will be presenting Carrefour 0 h 00 GMT (0:00 GMT Intersection) at the Centre d’artistes Vaste et Vague in Carleton-sur-Mer, a video installation using 10 screens and projectors: 10 looks, 10 esthetics, of 10 cities around the world. Photos taken from the video will also be projected on the Quai des arts. Furthermore, French artist Beatrix von Conta will bring her critical gaze to bear on the Gaspesian landscape through a reflection on the contemporary landscape in mutation with Le Grand Écart (The Great Divide), in Paspébiac. In France, the public will get to know the work of three Quebecers: Gabor Szilasi with L’éloquence du quotidien (The Eloquence of the Everyday) – the result of a residency in the Gaspé – Christian Lamontagne and Doreen Lindsay.

As far as 2013 residency projects go, Quebecers Jean-François Bérubé and Maryse Goudreau will be in Vendôme this summer, while France’s Laurent Villeret and Flora will visit Gaspesian territory. The outcome of these projects will be presented in 2014.

Lastly, in the framework of the partnership between Rencontres and the Conseil général de la Vendée, in France, the results of Gaspé native Guillaume D. Cyr’s artist residency in Vendée and of Vendée photographer Frédéric Merlet’s in the Gaspé last fall will be presented this summer in the two locations.

For details on all those photographers: photogaspesie.ca/en/photographes.

Photo : Tendancefloue_Mat_Jacob_00h00_GTM-Argentine